Life Notes #5.

A really tired me was rejuvenating today by looking out of the glass window of my office cabin, courtesy the only available cabin for auditors at my client office.

The visible main road houses the entrance to a pumping station where all day long huge tankers of the corporation come and collect water at the side of the road. The water from the 10 feet high pipe keeps pouring for a few minutes after the tanker drives away. One such tanker had just driven away and the water kept falling on the side of the road, when out of nowhere two street kids came along running and took place under the pipe.

Two kids, half naked, dancing under the water on a humid afternoon, for just a mere two minutes was such a blissful sight to watch! Another female, seemingly known to them came running with a can to fetch water and stood staring at them laughing all the while! 

Not a care in the world, no botheration about the stares they might be getting (from someone like me), no one to reprimand them. Just moments of pure joy and elation.

As soon as the water stopped, they immediately ran away in another direction. I do now know whether this is a regular feature or a one-time attraction but what I do know is that I just spent two minutes smiling at kids whom I may never meet in my life but they have left a long lasting impact on me.

Though I couldn’t see their smiles, I could feel the happiness radiating to me.

Note To Self : Even if you don’t have it all, try and find happiness in what you do have. After all, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.



Graciously (rejuvenated) Yours!

16 thoughts on “Life Notes #5.”

  1. The innocence and simplicity of the scene is so refreshing. I’m sure they have a hard, impoverished life but they certainly knew how to enjoy that little moment.


  2. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Can I please use this line in my future conversations with people? It will make me look so cool ! 😀
    On a serious note, I was completely able to feel the joy you must have experienced by reading these words. And I am quite impressed by the fact that you are able to appreciate the simplest of things which usually go unnoticed by many. This is a lovely quality you have and always keep it cherished. Also, as usual, beautifully written! I could actually see the imagery in front of my eyes as I read each line. A beautiful sight described even more beautifully 🙂


    1. Go ahead and implement this in your life please!! And thank you! I like people watching. Keeps my ego under control and makes me realize life is unpredictable, so I keep thanking my stars 🙂

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      1. I do ! Often I am found staring and observing people outside the window (wherever I am). That’s why it appealed to be even more. 🙂
        And I really like people like you who are able to keep their humility along with all their achievements and talents. 🙂

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