Life Notes #3.

Hi! I am back to share a little insight with you guys.

Do NOT watch cricket matches when you have your exams going on. Not even Indian Premier League Finals. Not even for this guy :

 George Bailey - Kings XI Punjab Captain.

George Bailey – Kings XI Punjab Captain.

By the way, I am only saying this because they lost.

I can’t handle sportsman spirit and cheer for the game well-played by the opposition, not when I am watching their Finals during my Finals!

Note to Self : Stop choosing favourites in IPL. They almost always lose.

Graciously Yours!

P.S.: Papers have been decent so far 🙂 4 down, 4 more to go!

P.P.S.: I’ll read all your new and amazing blog posts once I am done with my exams!

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3 thoughts on “Life Notes #3.

  1. Yepp I found it hard too.. HOW could they lose .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so from next time onwards .. the worst team will be my favourite at least you wont spend rest of the day brooding after they lose ..

    All the best for the exams ..


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