Life Notes.

My mother rarely reads my blog. Just because…

With the 100 Happy Days having been conquered, I was really excited and insisted at least thrice (in two minutes!) about reading my blog.

She gave in! And then she started going through the other posts I had put up and as fate would have it, landed up at this :

In this digital age of love, is it too much to ask if I want your hand in mine and not my phone…

If I want you in front of me and not my laptop…

If I want …

And I just kept looking around because this was turning awkward! Not ‘cuz I was hiding a relationship from her (Gosh! There has to be one to hide one!), but ‘cuz she starts reading my stuff after so long and stumbles across this? Of all posts, why this? Now, she would be more curious about my relationship with a guy rather than my relationship with words!

You must be knowing how moms can be. I am sure her first reaction on reading the piece was, “Is my girl really good enough to make this up or is she dedicating it to someone?”

Fortunately, (or unfortunately, only time will tell!), she didn’t react after reading the post, but simply asked, “Anything else I should read?”

And I went all out with an “Absolutely not!”.

Because that… was embarrasing.

Moms know it all!

Life Note To Self : Mothers know best. If they refrain from reading your work, let them! They are just saving you the embarrassment.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : My mother’s a working woman with an almost liberal mind by Indian standards. But I guess, not liberal enough to save me the blushes!

P.P.S : The sketch is by me. Even if you do not like the post, I’d still adore you if would leave a word or two about the beautiful mother and child! 🙂

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Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

23 thoughts on “Life Notes.

  1. hahaha.. I feel your pain! Happens way too often for my liking.. Especially when you go ahead and write a song and then record it only for your mum to hear it when its playing in shuffle mode. But nonetheless all your works are worth the embarrassment because I am sure in the end even your mother will recognize your talents.


  2. First of all – wow! Your drawing skills are excellent! Let’s see more 🙂

    Second – it was funny to read your post reading as a dad who proofreads his daughter’s blog (she sometimes proofs mine too but finds MY work far too boring normally!). I get to see everything she writes and I’m really proud of it all. Luckily, she still shares things with us including how she feels about ‘crushes’ and so on so there’s no embarrassment for her when I read that kind of thing. I guess if your parents don’t read you work often though…it could come as something of a shock…

    Will you let your mom read THIS post I wonder? 😉


    1. Thank you for such a brilliant response, Ken! (I can call you that, right? Or even Sir, is okay with me.) You kind of made my day 😉
      I’ll put up some more sketches with time, surely!

      I am so glad your daughter has a parent who reads and critiques and appreciates all her work!
      (No, mom I am not complaining about you!)

      Of course I am not letting her read THIS post of mine. :p I’ll write something really sweet specially for her and then maybe let her come across this one, on second thoughts!


  3. ooops moment then 🙂 I would not have the guts to ask my parents to read what i write ..

    and yes you dont have to ask for a comment on the sketch.. I am sure everyone will say what I am going to say .. it is


    it brings and shows the love of a mother for her child …


    1. That really was an Oops moment! 😉
      I just wanted her to read one post and she glided away to the rest!

      Oh and I made the sketch for my mother a couple of years back… 🙂

      Thanks for visiting! I hope you like the rest of the blog too 🙂


  4. The sketch is absolutely breathtaking. You have talent fore sure. Please continue to write and sketch. Looking forward to more of your blog posts. Be sure to check out my humble blog 🙂


  5. Wonderful sketch that is!

    And yes, most of the writers would relate to this situation. Let me tell you, no one from my family reads my blog, though my dad seem to be curious all the time about my poems but that is a different thing. I personally don’t write in front of my family or friends for that matter. If I did, I end up with looking at empty page in front of me with thousands of thoughts in my mind which on the other day would simply get onto paper in no time. That’s why I write in the solitude.

    And, I like it when people read my stuff in my absence. They get enough time and space to react with honesty. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I am almost in the same category as you! Just that my sister reads me regularly. And a lot of friends too! My parents? Not so much 🙂

      I have tried writing in solitude but doesn’t work well always! Solitude doesn’t really come when you particularly want it.


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