When “Whatsapp” replaced “Wassup?” which replaced “What’s up?”

I was pinging my friend on Whatsapp when I got a call from my aunt. On the other end was my eight year old cousin.

And then I faced my most embarrassing moment in the short term duration of things!

Me : Hello!

Cousin : What are you doing?

Me : Studying. ( And I wasn’t lying! Not exactly. I had my books lying in front of me. Open.)

Cousin : Why are you online, then? You’re not studying, are you?

Me (Stunned) : Ummm, I’m sorry. (And I said it rather sheepishly!)

And when I started to explain to him that I was online because I was discussing key points of the syllabus with my friend  (bullshit!), he wouldn’t hear a word of it! He just said, “Go study for your CA finals”. Exactly like his dad! Like father, like son!

And all my Marmee did was sit and laugh when I told her this! Add to the embarrassment!

Seriously, “What’s up?”, why did you become “Wassup” and then “Whatsapp”?

Graciously (and studiously) yours!

P.S. : I forgot to ask the little brat what he was doing online instead of completing his homework! I’m sure he mustn’t have completed it.

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

4 thoughts on “When “Whatsapp” replaced “Wassup?” which replaced “What’s up?”

  1. Pahahaha! Oh yes… That little green button that tells the world we’re online. It’s like Big Brother in reverse. The Man doesn’t have to spy when we tell them everything anyway!!! Thanks for the follow BTW – I’m looking forward to checking more of your stuff out!

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