The first in many!

A minute was all it took and my world crashed.

There was darkness all around.

I was scraping the marbled walls.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

My hopes were now pinned on God.

The people around me spoke of help, just spoke.

Light flitted in through the darkness,

Golden glows showed through the dust,

It was then that you found me.

Lying in ruins, tears spiking through my heart,

A smile on my face, to show to the ones who just spoke.

You saw me through my eyes.

It wasn’t my smile but my heart that you believed.

My God had sent me my hope.

I knew that moment on I wasn’t alone.

You helped me stand.

Toughened my resolve.

Grabbed me if I thought I would fall.

You led me on, subtly letting me carve my way.

I have now managed to locate my first step.

The first in many!



Graciously Yours!

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9 thoughts on “The first in many!”

  1. People should learn from this..
    They should always b optimistic
    And they should recognize the persons around them. .. So that they don’t end up losing someone who really care and love amongst the crowd around!!!

    Brilliant work


      1. There are people who are not not able to move on..because from millions of face, they only recognize one face; always able to hear that one voice, they may be called weak but these people just can’t forget ..


      2. I don’t think moving on is about weakness or strength. It is more about how stubborn you can be. Science proves it that memories fade. Old adages have always insisted that time heals. Point is are we letting the memories fade and time heal? If we aren’t, then we aren’t allowing ourselves to move on. The human heart is much stronger than we credit it for. And life more wonderful than we acknowledge it to be!

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      3. Brilliantly replied…. But don’t you think that somewhere sometime we got tho stop somewhere….can life be that much colourful without our loved ones…..
        But moving on may be necessary evil…


      4. Our loved ones cannot necessarily be around us in physical presence, for myriad reasons. But no one can take away their essence. Each time a loved one goes away, we can’t really stop living. Rest is upon you.


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