She over He.

There should never have been a battle in the first place.

Co-existence of men and women has been more like no existence for women. For years, women all over the world were, and are, being treated almost like a liability, fairly acknowledging that there were families who understood the meaning of the equal and opposite sex. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have Enid Blyton, Louisa May Alcott, Amelia Earhart, Rani Lakshmibai and many others. But if I compare, our male compatriots have raced far ahead, since forever. The “STRONGER” RACE, they are after all. Oh yes, I say race because this is a bigger divide than any religion, caste, creed or colour.

He hits her. She accepts it. Either because she cannot leave her family in a lurch. Or she cannot leave him and go out in the world for fear of a worse fate awaiting her.

He expects her to take care of him and his family. She does. He never thanks her. Because he thinks it’s her duty to serve him. She wasn’t born to live for you.

He is waiting in line for a job. She is better. He gets the job. Why? Just like that.

He works hard. She works as hard. His pay cheque is heavier.

He looks at her greedily. She walks away thinking she must have done something wrong. Why? Because he says so.

He abuses her. She doesn’t. Not because she can’t, more so because she doesn’t want to fall to his standards.

Yes, he is stronger. But she is the one who lives in constant fear of crossing the wrong path. She is the one who sees her dreams getting quashed. She is the one who thinks sobbing through the night is easier than defying the men in her life. She is the one who has to see her girl child being killed. She is the one who has to bear the wrath of the child she bore. She is the one who has to bear the sting of words glorifying all that she cannot do or rather all that he wouldn’t let her do. She is the one who gets named whether she’s outgoing, introvert, shy, modern, intelligent, bossy, beautiful, or rather because she exists. She lives through it all.

But, he is the one who’s stronger.

And to what delightful use they put their strength! To hurt her, hit her, stop her, abuse her, rape her. And the men who abstain from pouncing on women? They stare. They share. They sympathize. They blame. But what do they do? They ask, what can we do?

In India, women’s empowerment is almost like the new fad, with corporates like Tata Tea doing a better job of portraying it through their advertisements than the descendant of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi has been able to in the innumerable speeches he has made (the interview with Arnab Goswami being the key highlight of his highs and lows!) or the decade long term of the UPA Government has done. Pardon my naivety! The UPA Government had sanctioned a 1000 crore budget for the safety of women across the country in the year 2012-13. Mark my words. Sanctioned, not disbursed. Because, sadly, none out of the 1.2 billion people in India could come up with a plan good enough to be accorded funds out of the 1000 crore basket.

All day, each day, she strives to make a mark. To be better than she was yesterday. And someday we will coexist. Because he will realize that she would never treat him as badly as he treated her.

9 thoughts on “She over He.”

    1. I am not saying it for every female wandering on the Earth, but I have seen circumstances like these cropping up for women around me and they haven’t raised their voices against it. Hence, such strong quotes..


      1. Hi,

        I can understand that. Try to consider changing the circle, you have a long way to go and you are far more intelligent and brighter. 🙂

        Pleasant weekend.

        Babu, Suresh

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      2. At the EO the Day, it’s all about one’s account balance; what we believe in, our values, our principles are purely for us to lead our lives in a better way, not others. I learned this in a hard way. Besides, you can’t give some things to others when they don’t ask for it.

        If you are hell bent on carrying on, then be prepared for a simple question from the other side when it comes to the crunch, “who asked you to do, we didn’t ask”.

        Time for my evening walk.

        Babu, Suresh


      3. Thank you for the concern, but I have already seen that happening to my parents so yeah, I know the sad ways of the world…


  1. Paid less for the same work? This is one of the biggest myths that had been refuted many years ago. If that was actually the case, why wouldn’t corporations exclusively hire women – a cheaper workforce to get the job done and save a shitload of money? Think about that for a moment. A little bit of research and you will be surprised that a woman is actually paid more than a man for doing the same type of work.

    There is no denying the wrongs done on women just for being one and I don’t defend the action of men in the past. It is just that I dont think women are better than men the same way men are no better than women. Men are good at some stuff, women are goods in others. That’s how nature has made us. We might as well accept that and play on our strengths, not weaknesses.

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  2. Hi! First off all, thank you for stopping by! Appreciate your response.

    I know there’s lots of places where women get paid equal to men or maybe even more. But there are circumstances which still stand out. For instance, India’s women’s cricket team and men’s cricket team – I have personally interviewed an ex-captain of the women’s cricket team and one of their biggest woes is not being paid at least what they deserve, not being made to avail the facilities to improve and then being blamed for not improving!

    If only we all played by our strengths and helped each other grow, things would be so much happier and peaceful.

    Like someone said, “You cannot build the weak, by pulling down the strong.” Eventually, the strong will rise. The strong human, not the strong gender 🙂


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