Near… Yet So Far.

You do not acknowledge it,
You may not recognize it,
We’ve been this way for really long,
Maybe us being happy together was too much of a misfit!
We’re as close as blood relations can get,
At one time, for my actions, you would vet,
Bonds shattered, smiles dashed,
To leave us, you’re all set.
I may not be able to say it aloud,
Yet my heart keeps beating out loud,
To wish you a really happy life ahead,
Wedding bells and chimes the only sound.

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

8 thoughts on “Near… Yet So Far.

  1. Ahh this was awesome ! Do people often blame you for having no hard feelings for absolutely no one? I think they do. You have a beautiful heart, and it can never be broken for long. This post is 18 months old and you are writing so brilliantly since then ! You really a perfect of a lovely nature and an excellent way with words 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I carry hard feelings but then I’ve realized over time they’re really heavy to carry! It’s a short life and I don’t want to be sorry that I spent it hating people. Maybe they don’t love me back but that’s their choice. I may not love them anymore but I don’t have to necessarily hate them. I may be very, very wrong here but it makes me sleep better! So why not?


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